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4 ply Wool Cashmere. 80% Merino Wool/20% Cashmere. Undyed. 100gm 100gm/395mts
A soft yarn, with a luxurious end feel. Softens and bulks well after dyeing. As undyed yarn, the colour and feel is very similiar to the 100% pure wool, but the end result is - well, luxurious is the best way that I can describe it! Please note, these skeins are sold as 100gms, (unlike pure wool and sock yarn which are sold as 112gms) The reason for this is to prevent extra knots in your projects.
8 ply Wool Silk 30% Australian Merino Wool/50% Silk 100gms/150 metres.
8 ply Wool Silk 30% Australian Merino Wool/50% Silk 100gms/150 metres. A new product for us. It's a singles yarn, something different altogether. Exactly the same as our 4 ply and 2 ply Wool Silk, but it's a singles yarn, not plied. This is a trial, hence the price, and the limit of one per customer. Please let us know how you like it. If its good, we'll order more. And thanks for being our guinea pigs.
4 ply Pure Wool Australian Merino. Undyed 112gm. 100gm/338mts (Wool and Natural Fibres)

100% Australian Merino, 112 gram hanks/378 metres.  Machine washable

This is an undyed yarn ready for your artistry.   A soft, lovely yarn, ideal for baby, this yarn responds particularly well to hand-painting, and softens beautifully after dyeing. Did we mention that it is beautifully soft?

2 ply Lace weight Wool Silk. 50% Wool/50% Silk Undyed96gm 100gm/700mt
2 ply Wool Silk 96gm/672m. 50%Wool/50% Silk. A fully imported product, the wool component is made with Australian Merino Soft, lightweight, lustrous. A beautiful quality yarn. 700mt per 100gm. Sold in 90gm skein,630m
4 ply Sock Yarn. 80% Wool/20% Nylon Undyed112gm. 100gm/373mts (4 ply Sock Yarn)

Our top-seller. 112gram/418metres  80%Wool/20% Nylon.   (100gm=373metres) Our most popular yarn.  Wool component is Australian Merino.  Fully Machine Washable.  Perfect for socks,shawls, baby garments, this is a hard-wearing, versatile yarn. Well-loved by sock knitters, but useful for so many other projects too.  This yarn dyes fully with Acid wool dyes.
8 ply Pure Wool Australian Merino. Undyed 112gm 100gm/171mt
100% Australian Merino Wool on Hank.  112gms hank/192mts. Machine washable, but gentle wash recommended.
4 ply Sock Yarn on a 4kg cone. Undyed 100gms/373mts
Our absolute top-selling yarn. We have finally been able to source a large enough supply to sell this product to you on cone. This product is a single, 4kg (min weight) cone. Generally, the cones weigh slightly more than 4kg, but we sell to you as 4kg- you receive the bonus yarn FOR FREE. There is a limit of one cone per customer, because we like to think we are catering to those who dye the yarn and then sell it, or use it, rather than those who re-sell directly. Please note, if you do not have the means to skein the yarn yourself prior to dyeing, we also sell this product on 112gm hank, ready to pop straight into your dye vessel.
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