About Us

Everything you need to know.

About our products.

Platypus Yarn is able to provide quality yarn at very affordable prices, due mainly to the type of package we supply to you, the customer.
Following is a list of types of package we supply.
  1. Unless specified, our yarn is sold in hank (skein) form, alleviating the costly process of making balls. The hanks measure 1.65 metres in diameter and can be easily wound into a ball by the purchaser.  The hanks are tied (laced) 3 times evenly around the diameter, and the lacing yarn is easily seen.  Dyed hanks are sold at 105gms each, Undyed Hanks are sold at 112gms each.
  2. If yarn is supplied in balls, they have been sourced as seconds because they are under-weight.  Where a commercially produced product states a 50gram ball, the ball must be 50grams.  If it is less, eg 48.5 grams, it is called seconds, and this is what we purchase, when we are able. We never sell seconds singly, always by final weight.
  3. If yarn is supplied on cone, we advise re-winding it into ball form, particularly natural fibres, to allow the yarn to 'breathe' naturally.
  4. Occasionally, we sell yarn on 'cakes'.  This is yarn that has been wound into small, centre-pull balls, and usually they are less than 50gms.
Here are some other ways that we save you money.
  1. Our hanks are manually wound on a hand operated device.   (Not only are we environmentally helpful, we like to exercise our arms!)
  2. Platypus Yarn does not come with costly, glossy labels.  In fact, we print on coloured card, and attach our labels with kitchen twine! 

About our people.

  • Jade is the head-honcho at Platypus.  She does most of the hank-winding, all of the dyeing, and most of the bookwork.  She also writes the blog, Rivertalk, and updates the Facebook page. When she gets stuck, she calls on the following for assistance.
  • Dr Dyer, for his chemistry background, and his contribution to some of the lovely eclectic shades that are made available.
  • Karen, for her computer skills and web design information -and her patience.
  • PJ, for technical advice regarding twist and other facets of yarn manufacture.
  • Uni-Son, Jade's son (currently at University) to keep her grounded, and remind her that there is more to life than a yarn website.
  • And, whilst we don't yet have a link for him, Uni-Son's friend Steven, who designed the Platypus logo.

What else?

If you subscribe to our newsletter, here is what you will get. We send out an email at the start of the month, advising of specials and yarn news, and we post on Rivertalk mid-month.   That is all.  No click-links rubbish, no advertising spam, no recommendations to buy something from someone else.  Just a newsletter at the beginning of the month, and a blog post mid month.  Subscribe here.

We use Facebook to post pictures of new products or garments that customers have completed with our yarn -IF they give us permission, and if they send us a photograph.  Like us on Facebook here.